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Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Breast Pads - 60 Pcs

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★ Ultra Thin, Feather Light And Highly Absorbent Disposable Nursing Pads. 60 Pcs of comfortable nursing pads. NatureBond pads are thin and discreet that only moms know they are wearing them. A must-have nursing pads for moms for all occasions. Perfect for moms fitting on workout/gym outfits and evening/night gowns where you do not wish your bra to look bulky or pointy.

★ World’s Thinnest Pad - only 1mm thick. Quick Hydro Honey Comb Quilted Lining. Quick Hydro blue layer allows quick absorption of liquid. Paired with Honey Comb Quilted lining for fast & even absorption that can take up to 40x its weight.

★ Surface area is 10% larger than average disposable nursing pads and has a contoured shape that cups our breast comfortably.

★ Every nursing pad comes with 2 adhesive strips to ensure they stay in place in breastfeeding bras or nursing tops. Individually sealed in waterproof wrapper for moms to bring it outdoors, keeping them clean and dry.

★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. The Next Generation Disposable Pads - A Must Try For All New Moms.

Ultra-Light, Super Thin and Highly Absorbent Nursing Pads